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The One Command - Command Your Wealth...

.......Here you discover the secret to creating your destiny from the powerful unused portions of your great mind and your wealth DNA!

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Deborah and Robert Montgomery say you must try The One Command. This is what it did for us!

Moments after stating The One Command®, We received a miracle. Turned down time after time for 3 years in our attempt to refinance our home because of bad credit due to illness, we issued The One Command® and seconds later "clicked" on the right lender on the internet who said YES to our dreams and made them come true!!! We were able to refinance our home at a low interest rate, lower our monthly payment, and immediately noticed an increase in our credit rating. We now also own two brand new cars all from the teachings in The One Command®.

This may sound too good to be true but we absolutely testify that it happened that fast and miraculously. There is a reason that it did and you learn why in the teachings of The One Command!


Recovery after Cancer
Maureen Bell, author Multicultural Feng Shui.

According to the medical profession I am a walking miracle. At 89 pounds with cancer, I was able to turn my cancer around by going into the powerful theta brain wave and apply it to my health. I’m a happy, healthy 155 pounds now and the doctors say I am literally a miracle.

The One Command arrived in my email box from my good friend Asara Lovejoy during my recovery and I used the process to stop my negative downward spiral over fears of emotional and financial recovery and change it into my positive reclamation of my life. I use it daily and continue to watch my dreams and desires come true.

  Discover the secrets of The One Command

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The One Command

Here is the breakthrough book that finally tells you the one great secret that you have never read anywhere - how to instantly stop your negative thoughts and get what you want instead!

Asara Lovejoy says, "Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true; reality is ours for the making."

The most amazing part of The One Command is that it not only works for increasing your financial good, it works the same way for health, relationships, success...anything you want!

"It's so simple, it's embarrassing," the author Asara Lovejoy says... and she INSISTS she can quickly teach this simple secret to YOU... IN JUST MOMENTS!

The rich information in The One Command shows you how to Command Your Wealth , Health, Happiness and all your good To You!

The basis for this teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps you quickly access new and innovative ideas. You are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change your thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of your consciousness.

Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in manifesting what you desire in a moment.

On the personal level, within your body is the blueprint of your character, dreams, and desires. In this teaching you are able to reach naturally and easily into the deepest levels of yourself, even down to your DNA, and thus make remarkable changes in your life.

This information teaches you to Command Your Wealth to you. Once you see the goal, no one can prevent you from making the journey. These original and unusual ideas are designed to change your life forever by changing the way that you think about cash, money, prosperity, and financial wealth.


Discover what Dr Katie Garnett, counselor, corporate trainer, university professor and health educator has to say about her experience with The One Command.

Asara Lovejoy is a woman on fire! She is the change agent of life...including wealth, relationships, careers, health and happiness! Are you ready to change your life, and I mean change it?

Now! I don't mean down the road, after years of working on it, I mean are you ready RIGHT NOW? If you are like me, you have been ‘working' at prosperity, abundance, happiness and contentment for a long time, and perhaps the results have been elusive. Like me, you may have used affirmations for years and felt you might be doing something ‘wrong', but what if there was an answer...a ‘missing link'.

What if...One Command...could change your life?

The knowledge of The One Command arrived in Asaras' life at a pivotal time. She had received an inheritance, enough with her savings, to fulfill her dream of moving to beautiful Whidbey Island to create a healing retreat for the benefit of herself and others; an oasis of growth and healing. She found the perfect property and started turning the home and grounds into the incredible center she had envisioned. With considerable optimism but not much practical knowledge, she remodeled and built for two years, until every penny was gone and she was in debt. There was no more money, no more income, it was over.

She awoke one morning after a stressful nights sleep, with a horrible feeling of doom and devastation. As her body shook from fear and anxiety she collapsed to the ground with the thought, "I do not want to be here again." She had a life-long pattern of creating lots of money and then losing it again. She knew she was ruined, she knew she would most likely be homeless and work terribly hard for the rest of her life, she knew she would have to live with very little money and without achieving her dreams. She knew she was too old to start over.

Sound familiar to anyone? At least the part about being devastated and scared.

As Asara lay crumpled on the floor thinking about her past history with money, it was suddenly clear to her that she had never understood the principle of creating money from her own greater capacity, that creative ability we all have inside us. She thought for just a moment that she wanted to die, but what she really wanted to die was her old way of being in the world.

It was at that moment that the words came to her,

"I don't know how to do this, I don't know how to break out of this devastation. I only know I do now and I am fulfilled."

At that very moment she released the subconscious programs that had held her hostage to her own mind and her own ego, and kept her from her financial good. In that moment of hopelessness Asara surrendered the habit of trying to make things happen, and embraced the radical concepts of The One Command. It stopped her negative thinking dead in its tracks.

The One Command goes beyond intellectual understanding, it creates a dramatic neurological change. Asara tapped into the inner forces of her creative intelligence that Greater Capacity within us which is our Source Mind. By surrendering her old ways of thinking, she came to know the simple One Command and Six-Step process that has changed so many lives since she started teaching it.

By the straightforward process of lowering your brain waves to the theta brain frequency, and creating from your Source Mind, the unlimited potential of all that is comes to you. Cash, income, relationships, health, and all you ever want or need, comes to you in great abundance.

Asara now has a beautiful home and training center. She travels worldwide to teach The One Command and the Six-Step Process. Attendees at Asaras' workshops have found immediate evidence of change in their lives. From ‘little things' like parking spaces in the city, to free plane tickets, business success, unexpected checks in the mail, improved health, and improved relationships.

One participant, Donna, Commanded about her real estate business, which anyone can tell you is not a good career choice right now. She Commanded that she would, in fact, have a successful outcome, and very quickly her business turned around. Her business became so successful that she soon started teaching The One Command to brokers, and they knew something incredible when they saw it! Her Commanding Your Greatness in Business program for corporate America continues to grow exponentially.

What has it done for me? about a weight loss of 70 pounds, or a move from Seattle to beautiful Oro Valley. How about, winning the lottery, (ok a small win this time, but a win all the same). How about, creating a brand new career after a decade of major losses, including the loss of life savings, a loved one, and my health. And finally, how about, the creation of terrific new friends and a whole new life. I am sure some of you have been where I have been, where would you like to be now?

The One Command has grown rapidly around the world, from Seattle to Texas, London to Italy, Maryland to Arizona, Florida to Australia, New everywhere! You will know if you are ready to take this simple step from where you are to where you want to be, if you read this with a sense of excitement, you are ready.

The One Command is the Law of Attraction on speed and picks up where The Secret leaves off. You learn to operate in Theta, remove old limiting beliefs, reverse your negative cash flow, activate your Wealth DNA, and learn to be rich and at peace with yourself in the world.

Now that is a book worth reading!

Asara Lovejoy's new book The One Command

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  Discover the secrets of The One Command

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Asara Says.......

"I Discovered There Is And Always Has Been Extraordinary States Of Awareness We Can Activate And Operate In Our Daily Life"

I discovered this simple yet revolutionary ability when I hit my own wall. That wall many of us have experienced when we were shaking underneath the covers at night worried to death about that next pay check, keeping our home, making a good life for our children, handling a divorce or messy martial affair, losing a job, or any of the many trying times we have all gone through.

I discovered there is and always has been extraordinary states of awareness we can activate and operate in our daily life, naturally and easily. In reality it is more natural to be peaceful and relaxed, rather than angry, fearful, and stressed. It is more natural to live from our extraordinary states, but you have to reclaim that ability to do so.

For many years I investigated and researched these different brain waves, beta, ordinary thinking – which I call our horizontal relationship with the outside world - and alpha, theta and delta which I call the vertical relationship with our hopes, dreams and desires - and eventually came to know what extraordinary beings we truly are.

What we can accomplish is so magnificent it astounds the limited beta mind. It is through conscious access to our extraordinary states, the theta brain wave, lived daily that every success you have imagined can be yours right now!



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"Wow, talk about power! I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams that years of feeling fear could be changed in one moment through The One Command! That this feeling of peace was available to me, and all I had to do was Command it! This is what we should be teaching our children instead of video games!"
Penny Jensen

Physical Healing
"Saturday night my Mom's ankle was so swollen and painful
(she fell and broke it when I was a kid and had to have numerous pins.) It's bothered her for a long time. She couldn't sleep and decided to try the One Command on it. Afterwards the swelling went completely away, the pain totally gone. She called me Sunday and said that it felt like it did before she had broken it some 35 years ago. She's even been walking around her apartment without her walker. What a miracle!"
Donna Townley

Asara's book arrived for me at the exact right moment. Step by step, she takes the reader through a simple recipe of "commanding" all that you want for your life. This is the law of attraction on steroids. Anyone can do this. She also brings the reader through the realization (or reinforces the understanding) that, deep inside of our subconscious, we hold on to many things that we no longer need. Many of these issues were not even ours to begin with! Command, release and visualize. Don't think the book is "complete" for you when you receive the one command recipe. Keep going. I am in gratitude and enlightened!
Laura A. Hansen, Chicago, Ill

The information in this book is life changing. Once you begin to apply the One Command you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

If you have any desire to create a better life for yourself on any level this is a must have book!
Trudy Bowler, Michigan

The One Command takes you where other books and teachings on the Law of Attraction do not tread. Asara Lovejoy has discovered and shares in a clear, concise, step-by-step way, exactly how to bridge the divide between wishing and manifesting - at a speed I did not think possible.

I am absolutely amazed at the simplicity in applying the teachings of The One Command in daily life. More amazing were the positive results that begin to quickly materialize in almost every aspect of my life - personal and professional.

As a business analyst, I measure success by results. I was delighted to discover that The One Command delivers! It is definitely a "must read" if you are serious about learning to generate abundance in all aspects of your life.

Word to the wise - keep an extra copy of The One Command on hand. My experience has been that friends and family will borrow this book and never return it!
Gale Zane-Wilson, Savannah, Texas

Like so many other readers, I probably have hundreds of books, CDs and DVDs based on "law of attraction" principles -- some better and more effective than others. But none of them come close to The One Command. And what's even more amazing is that The One Command isn't something you need to "work at" or have to learn and "apply yourself" to over time. It's also easy to read and understand. In fact, I began to get absolutely instant results from following the six steps and saying "I don't know how....I only know I do" etc., immediately, even as I was reading the book. This book and Asara Lovejoy bring all the Law of Attraction pieces together -- and tell you HOW to get the results you want! Reading this book was a life-changing experience for me. I just can't thank you enough, Asara!
Diana Skye McKenna, Host of Pathfinder's Way, Radio Show

Asara Lovejoy's book, The One Command, finally put me on the right track of understanding why my affirmations and positive thinking weren't getting me the results I was hoping for. I have been studying self-growth and spirituality for about 10 years. After leaving an Executive position in a large company, I was stuck with 'Who am I now,' and 'What's next for me.' I read many books and attended a couple of seminars, and nothing seemed to complete the formula, until I found The One Command. The transformation and movement in direction for me has been incredible. I've also witnessed the transformation in other's lives. Thank you Asara for your openness about your own life, and sharing this wonderful, life changing process. It's such an honor to write this message as a contribution toward sharing The One Command with the world.
J. Cooper, Federal Way, Washington

I was very interested in Asara's book, and couldn't put it down, because she genuinely shares her compelling story with the readers, and teaches her "secret " to success in a very easy to understand and duplicate fashion.

It will be a book I return to often!
J. Nahas

I was referred to "The One Command" by a trusted friend who said it was amazing book. She was absolutely right. When I sat down to read it the other day I found it to be very difficult to put it down. Simply stated, it's one of those books that's destined to be on bookstore shelves for decades. Why? Because in my view it provides the most practical methodology I've seen to date for overcoming our negative thinking/programming and finally realizing our potential for optimum, health, wealth, and happiness.

While "The Secret" provided a solid introduction to the operation of the Law of Attraction in our lives, it lacked any real hands-on instruction as to how to most effectively work with this Law on a moment-by-moment basis. "The One Command" provides precisely that type of information and much more, and for this reason I highly recommend this book to anyone on the path of personal/spiritual growth. In fact, I think so highly of this book that I plan to add it to the "Must Read" list in my first book when the next edition is released. If you're serious about improving your life circumstances, you should definitely buy this book.
Jeff Maziarek, author of "Spirituality Simplified"

I have been reading books about prosperity, positive thinking and raising consciousness since the early 90's. I followed the steps, I kept journals and wrote pages of affirmations and I have never gotten results like this. This is the only book that told me exactly HOW to change my feelings and then my thoughts.

I have gotten wonderful results with this process. It's so simple! Once you go through the physical steps to re-train your thinking (a process that takes about 10 minutes) then it's just a matter seconds to use the One Command. This process will enhance your relationships, help to remove blocks to success and, oh yes, bring in more money.
Kathryn Perry, "PSI-Chic", Irving, Texas

"For the last few days, I have I been using the 'One Command' and six step process to program my mind with commands such as:

'I don't know how my house is cozy, happy, fun and warm, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.'
'I don't know how I have Eco-loft insulation now, I only know that I do now and I am fulfilled.'

Two hours later the postman delivered my post. There was only one letter but that was enough because inside it contained a miracle...

'Dear Hazel
Congratulation-You are a Winner!
Thanks very much for entering the competition to win 4 packs of Thermafleece, British Sheep's wool insulation in the Ecologist Competition in May. I am pleased to say that you were the lucky winner to be drawn out of the hat'

We will supply you with 4 free packs including carriage of the 100mm thick product direct to your home............

Well done,
Yours Sincerely,
Sales and Marketing Director.

MY GOODNESS! Need I say more. I'm a SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and delighted!

In addition to being a miracle, for me, this is absolute conformation that the 'The One Command/Commanding Wealth' works. Wow! Just think, of how many people in the world could gain from learning these tools (especially those who have adversity in their lives.)"

"I have a success story. When I first heard about The One Command I didn't know how I could pay $20 for the Commanding Wealth Circles and thought $185 for The One Day - The One Command was way out of my reach. Here is the good news.

About a month ago, I wrote out the following commandment and placed it on the wall behind my computer in bold letters -

"I don't know how - my business is perfectly in order, fun and easy and becomes more profitable each and every day, I just know that it does now and I am fulfilled".

In that month's time, my publication - Natural Awakenings Magazine in Tucson (of which Katie from the Commanding Wealth Circles is the new editor) has not only obtained the wisdom, knowledge and skills brought by Katie but has grown 8 pages, secured the sponsorship of a local radio station, and increased in revenue with larger, more prominent and credible advertisers wanting to participate. I will also be interviewed on the radio and begin advertising during that popular radio show twice a week. All of this has evolved quite naturally, easily and to say I am astonished is an understatement!"
Big Blessings to all!

"A Life of Promise Awaits You - Now"

"I'm looking forward to seeing your name as
the next successful Testimonial, right here."

  Discover the secrets of The One Command

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